Our in­gre­di­ents are the result of in­no­va­tive re­se­arch which at the same time gets in­spi­ra­tion from tra­di­tion, in order to obtain active in­gre­di­ents with a marked, well-de­fi­ned and highly ef­fec­tive cos­me­to­lo­gi­cal action.

For the plant-based ex­tra­cts we choose com­pa­nies which ope­rate in or­ga­nic cul­ti­va­tion and grow plants with a high con­cen­tra­tion of active in­gre­di­ents, gua­ran­te­e­ing a con­si­stent supply of active ingredients.

For the ex­tra­c­tion tech­ni­ques of es­sen­tial oils, while in some cases mir­ro­ring tra­di­tio­nal pro­ce­du­res, we rely on com­pa­nies that with in­no­va­tive pro­jects, such as liquid CO2 ex­tra­c­tion, ex­tract the oils in large quan­ti­ties wi­t­hout caus­ing al­tera­ti­ons of the active mole­cu­les, li­mi­ting the en­vi­ron­men­tal impact caused by or­ga­nic solvents.

We do all this to have cos­me­tic for­mu­la­ti­ons with an ade­quate con­cen­tra­tion of active in­gre­di­ents that meet the ob­jec­ti­ves set in the de­clared claims.

We re­quire types of pack­a­ging that do not re­lease harmful sub­stances into our pre­pa­ra­ti­ons, always in line with the latest le­gis­la­tive provisions.

We always try to mi­ni­mize the pro­ducts de­ri­ved from syn­the­tic che­mi­stry, in order to obtain pro­ducts with a low impact on the skin.

We use al­ter­na­tive pre­ser­va­ti­ves trying to con­stantly im­prove our formulations.

For what con­cerns emul­si­fiers and sur­fac­tants, we adopt plant-based pro­ducts with very low cuta­neous and en­vi­ron­men­tal aggressiveness.

We are con­stantly loo­king for plant-based active in­gre­di­ents with a dermo pro­tec­tive func­tion, which sti­mu­late re­vi­ta­lization and coun­ter­act aging. We look for them in scru­pu­lously sel­ec­ted or­ga­nic crops and with har­ve­st­ing, con­ser­va­tion and ex­tra­c­tion me­thods that safe­guard the mole­cu­lar assets and the en­vi­ron­ment, also gua­ran­te­e­ing an ef­fec­tive action even on stres­sed and sen­si­ti­zed skin. 


The plea­sure of a cream with a gentle for­mula that sett­les on the skin. A ma­gi­cal dew­drop that gives tone, vigor and a fee­ling of well-being and relief to your body.

Voga Unique re­spects and im­pro­ves your skin, resto­ring its na­tu­ral hy­dra­tion and elasticity.

Voga Unique crea­tes emo­ti­ons to the touch, puts you in a good mood, awa­kens your femininity.


Since child­hood the foun­ders of VOGA Unique™ — have de­ve­lo­ped a deep con­nec­tion with nature and its va­riety of plants and their active ingredients.

From this re­la­ti­on­ship, their cur­rent pas­sion for phy­to­c­os­me­tic and their im­portant pro­fes­sio­nal ex­pe­ri­ence as ex­perts in the field of aes­the­tic tre­at­ments, de­ri­ves a deep un­der­stan­ding of the con­cept of na­tu­ral beauty by achie­ving a he­althy and ra­di­ant skin.

This de­ve­lo­ped the vision that led them to design their own pro­duct line that puts their ex­pe­ri­ence in harm­ony with their cu­s­to­mer needs. VOGA Unique™ is de­si­gned using na­tu­ral raw ma­te­ri­als and the most in­no­va­tive sci­en­ti­fic tech­no­lo­gies for a unique and nut­ri­ent-rich skin care, to fight the signs of aging with an­ti­oxi­dant and anti-in­flamma­tory actions.

VOGA Unique™ pro­ducts are ideal for daily skin care, and are sui­ta­ble for the most de­man­ding to the most sen­si­tive skins.

Only the best plants are sel­ec­ted at the moment of their ma­xi­mum rich­ness and are hand-picked. Co-ope­ra­ting with ex­perts in me­di­cine and cos­me­tic sci­en­ces, VOGA Unique™ de­ve­lops every single pro­duct paying at­ten­tion to de­tails, from the cha­rac­te­ri­stics of the raw ma­te­ri­als to the design of the packaging.